AMDG Friday – 12/2

AMDG Friday

Friday, November 4 | St. Joseph’s Prep

From Prep Religious Studies Teacher Mike Gambone: 

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam. A.M.D.G. “For the Greater glory of God,” the motto of the Jesuits.

On A.M.D.G Fridays, the Gesu Church will be available for Eucharistic adoration beginning after morning Mass. At the beginning of each period, a student leader will give a brief reflection on “a faith that lives justice.” Religion classes and anyone with a free period are invited to spend some quiet time in the Gesu following the student reflection. Small group reflection, the rosary, and mindfulness breathing will be available in the side chapels of the Gesu. The sacrament of reconciliation will also be available during 1st through 6th periods. A community hour speaker will be hosted in the Gesu speaking on the topic of  “a faith that lives justice” following benediction at the end of 6th period.

Our first A.M.D.G. Friday is Friday Nov. 4th. Pope Francis asks the Church to pray for children who are suffering throughout the month of November. Student leaders who traveled to Brownsville, TX and worked with migrant children on the US/Mexico border will speak about their experiences at the beginning of 1st through 6th periods. Local Catholic activists working with migrant communities will speak in the Gesu during community hour. All members of the Prep community are invited to attend.

Please contact Mike Gambone at with any questions.